Monday, August 31, 2009

The studio... in real life :)

I posted pictures of my studio a few days ago, and have had such lovely comments from you lovlies out there! My parents are coming for a visit tomorrow, so I will have to tell my dad how well his craft table was received :) I warned readers to look quick, as it will never be that clean again...

I just brewed a pot of coffee (it is after 10:30pm) and plan on heading downstairs soon to my new favorite place in the house. I thought I would share some more pictures, too. I don't think I mentioned before that my creative space is only half the basement (which believe me, to a girl who used to scrap on the kitchen island while trying to cook pancakes at the same time... very grateful!) ... the other half is a family area. Ok, fine, it is the twins' area to wreak havoc. The make forts out of the loveseat cushions, bring every toy they own to spread on the floor, try to convince me that picnics in the basement are a good idea, and pretty much thoroughly enjoy themselves.

And if you look closely at this picture, you will see that it isn't a child-free zone...

There is about 12 inches between my work table and the loveseat. So much fun to try to stand on mama's table and jump onto the loveseat.

I have decided to pick my battles.

Yes, you can come look at the pretty papers.
No, you can't jump off the table.
Yes, you can arrange all my wood mounted stamps in a row.
No, the Crop-o-dile is not a toy.
Yes, you can pick two buttons to glue to make your "own card."
No, you can't taste the glue...

And so it goes. I don't think I have mentioned it here or not, but my boys turned four just last July, and they both have been diagnosed with Autism. If you are familiar with autism, you know it is a wide spectrum. Johnny's autism is more mild, whereas Mikey struggles a bit more. Mikey loves my craft area. His favorite thing is to line up all my stamps, and to line the edges of my table with his dinosaurs. Johnny makes arrangements of pictures, toys, and cups around my sewing machine. Here is Mikey intent on improving my collection of vintage books (that dress form is now in three pieces, by the way. They said it was a trophy and the boys hosted a race to see who would win it... the trophy lost).

While it can be a bit messy, and I may spend a few extra minutes looking for my distress ink (by the dinosaurs, of course! Duh, mom) I love it. I love that I can make a card, tickle my kids, sort some paper, play pirate, work on a scrapbook page, go outside and push the boys on the swingset... Don't get me wrong. Some days are better than others, and some days I can't wait for bedtime. And then there are those moments, when the house is still and quiet, I go into my workspace, see a T-Rex on my chair, and laugh so hard I cry.


Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Ah, the studio in real life. It's nice to see and empathize with the realities of a mom that crafts.
I am not sure if you know who Ali Edwards is from Creating Keepsakes Magazine, but she has a son with autism. I am a fan of her work. I especially enjoy it when she touches on the challenges, and more importantly, the beauty and depth of the autistic child.

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

You sound like a wonderful Mum!! I adore your craft space looks so charming and inviting. I am currently puting together plans to turn our 'family' room into half craft space and half 'play' area for my 3 boys! I currently craft on the dining room table which I would love to have free for guests soming to eat at!!
I will show pics when it is done in 2012!! LOL!

Hugs Judy xx

The Queen Of Re said...

I want to play!!!!

Joani said...

How wonderful! I dream of having a basement one day...
Your's looks fabulous! And to have a family area close by is great! I wish you well with your boys - god bless you.

Rach said...

love your craft space and how you share it with your boys... your cards are just as amazing..your boys looked like they had a ton of fun with the cake baking..xxxx

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your craft space doesn't look messy to me! I think it is so wonderful that you can spend so much time with your boys. They are always going to remember these times with mom. Twyla

Tina said...

I love and envy your craft table....I also find it amusing that so many people have that chair! My MIL had the same one in her dining room....and so did a few friends! :) I love your work and have followed it from BTDL.....You have been an inspiration and I have learned from watching you! Thanks so much for all that you share.


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