Monday, October 18, 2010

Winners! Halloween party fun :)

I don't know about you, but I am tired from a weekend of partying with the ghosts and goblins, witches and gypsies this weekend! So much fun! Magical as always :)

This was my second year having a party, which was planned and hosted by Vanessa at a Fanciful Twist.  Like last year's party, I am having a little giftie giveaway! So I did the random drawing thingie, and here are my winners!

This is Kelly, who also had a darling party on Saturday :) 

And this is Vanessa, our hostess! I am so glad the hostess gets one of my treats, as she inspires such lovely parties :) The hostess most definitely deserves a surprise :)

And just what are these lovely ladies  going to receive? A witch hat, of course! I made two special hats, and will share pictures of them before I ship them off :)

Congratulations, ladies - and thanks to all the lovelies that visited my party this year! I can't wait until next year's festivities!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Halloween Party... Pumpkin Style.

Three little pumpkins were sitting on a gate...

And as it so often happens with pumpkins, they were arguing. Because today, of course, is the Halloween Party, hosted by A Fanciful Twist, and none of them could find their invitation. Or the directions.

"I'm telling you, I remember distinctly that the party is in the old house next to the pumpkin patch!" insisted the oldest, and with a naughty smile added, "You know. The haunted pumpkin patch."

The littlest pumpkin tried not to be afraid, but this was his first party, after all...
So the three little pumpkins began their journey. Soon they came to a lovely little forest, and met a little cat. Perhaps he might know the way?

"Excuse me. Hello? Hellllloooo...?" The oldest pumpkin gave the kitty a little tap on the head. "Most unresponsive, this one. Let's move on." And so they rolled further on, hoping to find someone who could tell them where this magical party was being held.

"Hark! Here looks like someone who could help us! He looks familiar... Uncle Jasper?"

But upon closer inspection, it was not Uncle Jasper, and he most definitely did not know the way to the party.

The littlest pumpkin shivered as he passed this tall and silent spectre,,,,

"Aha!" cried the eldest. "See? I knew we were on the right track!
They all breathed a sigh of relief, and soon saw the house. But it was unlike any house any of them had ever seen before...
"Um, brothers?" asked the littlest pumpkin. "Perhaps we should just head home..."
"You aren't afraid, are you?" teased the oldest pumpkin.
"Maybe just a little."
"It will be fine. We'll have a great time! Besides, I am the bravest pumpkin of all time, and nothing scares me. I will make sure that nothing scary gets you, no matter how big and scary it is."
Somehow that didn't reassure the littlest pumpkin.

They went to the front door, and a voice called from inside, "Come on in! You can put your hats on the shelf there. We're in the kitchen!"


And sure enough, there was stack of hats in the foyer. Witch hats.

"Um, brothers?"
"Not now, littlest pumpkin. Let's go!"

As they headed towards the kitchen, the littlest pumpkin widened his eyes as he took in every detail of this strange and fascinating house. He took a closer look at the portraits on the walls.

There seemed to be a trend here.
"Um, brothers?"
"Not now, little pumpkin!"

And so they made their way to the kitchen, where it looked like the party preparations were still taking place... Bowls of flowers...

And piles of pumpkins...

And jars of poisons...


Before little pumpkin could say a word, he heard a clunk and a clatter from the counter.
"Murder! Mischief! Mayhem!" the oldest pumpkin was shouting...

And without another word, the brave oldest pumpkin rolled out the door, hollering as loud as he could.

A cackle of laughter filled the kitchen, and the two remaining brother pumpkins looked up in fear...

"Fear not, my little pretties! We are making apple pies today. Not pumpkin. If your silly brother had stayed, he too could have a nice warm slice of pie. Do you want a scoop of icecream on your pie?"

They did.

And so the rest of the afternoon, the two little pumpkins ate pie, danced to merry tunes, and played parlor games with some very charming, and very kind, witches.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a hauntingly good time :) Please leave a comment! I will be doing a random draw Monday morning (October 18) from the comments for a delightful prize!

Credits: In addition to my original artwork, photographs of house and empty rooms are from Amas Veritas and have been modified, spookized, and hauntified :) The black portrait frames originated from ShabbyBlogs,, and the delightful pie image is from Yesmeals.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BEE book, things to do, and other randomness

 What is Random Tuesday? Check out the UnMom...

So I can't find my son's BEE book. That is the "Bring Everything Everyday" book that is pretty much the most important thing in his backpack. Notes to teacher, daily schedule... And the worst part? I lost it. I took it out to fill with snacks and books for his day at the Farmer's Market with me. I took out the Holy Grail of teacher/parent communication that has his little homework calendar and important numbers and alphabet practice sheets... I took it out, put it on the floor in some random spot by some toys, came home that afternoon from the market, and it is nowhere to be seen.  I asked the husband, and he can't remember seeing it.


So now I have officially put the first black spot on Johnny's academic career. I wrote a note to teacher, and offered to come in and wash her chalkboards if I can get a new one...

I need to finish cleaning my craft room. I have an entire room devoted to craftage, yet I still am dragging my goods downstairs to the kitchen.  Mostly because my craft room is a mess. And the TV lives down here, and how can I watch Supernatural while I craft if there is no tv?

Oh, that reminds me - I need to go to the library and get the next disks on DVD...

I have a day of bobbin winding, bread making, and sewing planned. I have one more Farmer's Market, then that season is over, and a few crafty shows right after that, so I need to do some serious restocking of goods. Halloween is fast approaching, and I have about 487 ideas of spooky things to make, but by the time I actually make them, it will be past the witching hour.   Being a crafty vendor/artisan is confusing, seasonally speaking. You have to be at least 6 months ahead of your seasons... Crap! That means I should really be making stockings and other wintry goodies...

I should be making Halloween costumes, but Johnny said he wants to dress up "just as a boy." Easy enough, yes, but I have a sneaking suspicion that when Halloween is here, he is going to want to actually be something other than "just a boy" and I will have no time to create it, and whatever it is will be sold out....

Ok, all done being random... although writing this feels natural, which is kind of scary because of the random way my mind actually works... I should see what time the library opens. Of course my plates on the van are expired (since 2009) and I am starting to get paranoid I am going to get pulled over (again).

But that is another random story for another day...


Monday, October 11, 2010

A farmer's life for me...

Had a gorgeous weekend! It feels more like summer than fall here in Michigan (and how often do I ever get to say that?) We took the boys to the Oak Haven Farm, and had a wonderful time.  One of the best places! Free admission and parking, and a ton of free things to do! They went through a kid sized corn maze, fed the goats, and played in piles of hay... Johnny made a "hay angel" and needless to say, they needed some serious bath time when we got home :) There was even a waterwheel and little pond with ducks :) The kiddie corn maze was their favorite.  We bought some caramel apples and much needed water (all that running through mazes, you know) and took advantage of the great weather.

I took some great pictures of my ridiculously handsome boys... this is Johnny:

 And here is my Mikey:

There is this little "house" set up to look like an old front porch.  I am pretty sure it is for display only and not meant to be an attraction to be walked on... but before I grabbed my little trespassers off the porch, I took a great picture...

Every time I go to a farm or orchard, I have dreams of being a farmer... I know it is a ton of work, but I long for quiet country roads and fresh berries waiting to be picked. I live in a subdivision in a house like pretty much every house on the street, next to a busy road... I am a country girl who grew up in an old farmhouse, where dad had a huge garden and mom canned vegetables and made her own juice from the grapes dad grew behind the walnut trees in back. I miss those days.  My mom has since packed her canning supplies in a box labeled "DO NOT OPEN EVER AGAIN" and has it stored in her basement (canning is work, I know), but I have that romantic nostalgia of summer days, carrying freshly canned goods to the pantry. Maybe she would let me have her canning supplies... Now I just need to find me a little farmhouse to live in :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

A lovely afternoon...

So I found my car keys...

And I went to the post office, mailed an apron, and then went to the library to get the next four disks of the show Supernatural. I love this show. I had only seen a few episodes years ago, and decided that I wanted to watch it from first season, first episode.  I had to drive to another branch of my district library, but I was fine with that :) Because Jon Stewart was being interviewed on Fresh Air on NPR (I love NPR) and I had the most beautiful fall color drive...

And I happened to pass this little quilt shop I have been wanting to visit...

My new favorite place! Linda's Country Quilt Shop is absolutely lovely :) I had to pick up some fabulous fat quarters and a half yard of some darling Basic Grey fabric.

So now I have some great new fabric to play with, several disks of a fabulously spooky show to watch...

Have a great day!
the queen of nostalgia

Black and white goodness...

Another treasury! My black and white apron is featured here in the treasury made by lovemyhoneybeezz

I think I need to go play over at Etsy and make a treasury now... especially since I still can't find my car keys.

It's the Great Pumpkin!

We celebrated the advent of October by buying two big ole pumpkins this weekend, and then letting the boys help carve them.  Well, I did the carving after the kiddos drew the faces on with crayon. Johnny did help scoop out the "bluck" with me - he used a spatula. He didn't like the mushy parts, but thought the seeds felt pretty cool in his hands :)

I sat up my booth at the Farmer's Market yesterday and froze my tootsies off! There are only a few more weeks left, and then my market season is over until next spring... I really do enjoy the market (when I am not holding my tent down against buffeting winds) and plan on making some really cute Halloween goodies to round off the season. Maybe a few Christmasy things too...

I need to head over to the post office today, but I can't find my car keys. That drives me crazy! Then again, I won't be driving anywhere if I can't find my blasted keys...

Hope you have a fabulous day!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Treasuries Galore!

It's no secret I love treasuries on Etsy. I love looking at them, making them, and feel super fancy when I get featured in one! So imagine how fancy and honored I felt when I found out I was in not one, but two treasuries! I just revamped my Etsy store, so I am so glad that other Etsians are finding me again :) Thanks so much to Gaia's Gatherings for featuring my little witch hat in her spooktacular witchy treasury...

And thanks to Bubbletime for putting my newest creation, flour sack towels, in her pretty autumnal collection...

I love this time of year - witchy goodness and warm autumn colors... The boys and I decorated for Halloween this weekend, and then we carved pumpkins :) I made a delicious batch of pumpkin seeds (and ate waaaay too many) and plan on getting more pumpkins at the Farmer's Market tomorrow.  I think the food and the decorating are my favorite things about this time of year... and of course the Halloween holiday specials! I love Linus and his quest for the most sincere pumpkin patch...

What do you love about this time of year? I'd love to hear :)


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