Thursday, May 29, 2008

So, if I had another 4 hours in the day...

I wish I had more time. Is it just me, or just this time of year, that everything feels so rushed? My one little boy had his last day of "school" today, and I wanted to make his teachers some pretties :) Of course, I waited until the last minute. This morning. I was going to do it last week, and then I promised myself I would do it last night... and then woke up in a panic this morning...

Anyway, here is one of them:

It is a little 5x7 piecing that is in a magnetic clear frame. His teachers loved them! I was pretty happy how they turned out too :) The bears are my new design, and I think my favorite part is the little book he is holding! I just finished a layout with this style of bear, and listed it on Ebay tonight. Of course, no pictures, because after we got home from school, we played in the baby pool, then the boys took naps, I cleaned the house (I should have scrapped), then it was time for Speech Therapy, then home again to make dinner, then a spontaneous trip to the park...

Did I say four hours? Can I change that to 12? :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Paper Doll

I love the look of paper dolls, and my latest layout reminds me of the dolls I played with as a child. My favorite part? All the little buttons on her sweater! I also like how her little wagon turned out :) I decided to go with blues and greens rather than the traditional "pink" of girliness... Of course, this little doll was so fun to make, I just may have to do a similar one with pinks!



Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh, boy!

Well, it seems like the last few weeks I couldn't create anything without pink and ribobn. Now, I am gravitating towards "boy" colors :) I just finished a layout with dinosaurs, and I have to say - one of my favorites! I have paper set aside to make another one for me, as I have about 395792 pictures of my cuties in their dinosaur pajamas, and this layout would be perfect.


Yes, I have my boy-mojo back! Next up...


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