Thursday, August 28, 2008

School Days...

Quick question: where did the summer go? I am just curious. It seems like yesterday I was filling the baby pool with water and plastic dinosaurs, and today I was searching for long sleeved shirts, size 3T, so the munchkins could play outside and not get chilly. September is just a few days away!

When did this happen?

When I was pregnant, people always said to enjoy your children, because they grow so fast. What they didn't explain was that having children puts your entire world into the fast mode. It isn't just that they grow fast, it is that they make your entire world go fast.

When I was a child, summer was endless. An ice cream cone lasted a long, sticky time, and an upcoming weekend trip to the beach seemed forever away. Now summer is gone before I had a chance to tag the tag off the sandals I bought in May, my ice cream cone seems to melt entirely away as I chase my sticky toddlers running around with their ice cream cones, and that trip to the beach... did we even go to the beach this summer?

I want to stop and smell the roses, but then I will notice they need to be deadheaded and pruned...

I'll just pick up a nice Chrysanthemum instead.


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