Monday, May 19, 2008

Paper Doll

I love the look of paper dolls, and my latest layout reminds me of the dolls I played with as a child. My favorite part? All the little buttons on her sweater! I also like how her little wagon turned out :) I decided to go with blues and greens rather than the traditional "pink" of girliness... Of course, this little doll was so fun to make, I just may have to do a similar one with pinks!




scrappy4477 said...

Krissy, I just noticed the "stuffing" sticking out of the bear!!! OMG, these details are amazing! LOVE IT!

queen-of-nostalgia said...

You are sweet, Sheryl :)
Jackie gave me that idea... she said my little vintage bears would be cute with some stuffing poking out! I think it looks cute too!

Camille said...

This is fantastic! I love the little girls hair. Well done.


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