Monday, October 11, 2010

A farmer's life for me...

Had a gorgeous weekend! It feels more like summer than fall here in Michigan (and how often do I ever get to say that?) We took the boys to the Oak Haven Farm, and had a wonderful time.  One of the best places! Free admission and parking, and a ton of free things to do! They went through a kid sized corn maze, fed the goats, and played in piles of hay... Johnny made a "hay angel" and needless to say, they needed some serious bath time when we got home :) There was even a waterwheel and little pond with ducks :) The kiddie corn maze was their favorite.  We bought some caramel apples and much needed water (all that running through mazes, you know) and took advantage of the great weather.

I took some great pictures of my ridiculously handsome boys... this is Johnny:

 And here is my Mikey:

There is this little "house" set up to look like an old front porch.  I am pretty sure it is for display only and not meant to be an attraction to be walked on... but before I grabbed my little trespassers off the porch, I took a great picture...

Every time I go to a farm or orchard, I have dreams of being a farmer... I know it is a ton of work, but I long for quiet country roads and fresh berries waiting to be picked. I live in a subdivision in a house like pretty much every house on the street, next to a busy road... I am a country girl who grew up in an old farmhouse, where dad had a huge garden and mom canned vegetables and made her own juice from the grapes dad grew behind the walnut trees in back. I miss those days.  My mom has since packed her canning supplies in a box labeled "DO NOT OPEN EVER AGAIN" and has it stored in her basement (canning is work, I know), but I have that romantic nostalgia of summer days, carrying freshly canned goods to the pantry. Maybe she would let me have her canning supplies... Now I just need to find me a little farmhouse to live in :)

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Nicole said...

You're boys are quite handsome! Boys, gotta love 'em.

Nicole (Ninja Mom)


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