Sunday, September 20, 2009

It is Sunday evening, and the kids are quietly playing... so I am stealing a moment to myself! I picked up this little cheesy Pirate Costume Kit, and Johnny is having a blast pretending to find treasure. He is wearing the eye patch, the hook hand thing, and growling "Arrrr!" at me each time I look at him. He cracks me up. Mikey is rearranging all of my wood mounted stamps. Apparently he thinks they belong with his dinosaurs next to my sewing machine...

So what have you got cooking tonight? I have a hankering (yes, I actually said hankering ) to make some Holiday Planners... I try to be organized, and tell myself if I have a pretty organizer, I will be more organized... Plus it gives me an excuse to play with paper. Then I want to list some goodies on eBay tonight, do some blog hopping... I had the boys home twice this week with wee coughs, and as a result I haven't had as much time to make the rounds like I like to :)

Hey, did you notice my new banner? I got it from Shabby Blogs (if you haven't been, you need to - her banners and backgrounds and buttons are darling and FREE!) and tinkered with some backgrounds I had from Shabby Miss Jen (whose designs are darling and very reasonably priced)... I felt the need for a more "autumnal look."

Ok, must go. I need to make sure Johnny doesn't decide that Mikey needs to walk the plank.


Lucy Edson said...

An organizer sounds good - I just need to use one, Kristen! ;) Enjoy your evening.

Your thoughtful words about my grandma were greatly appreciated - thank you.

Kathy said...

Good luck with your planner project - I'd happily make something like that, but the likelihood of actually using it once made is, let me see.....that would be zero!

I knew the DCM challenge would be up your alley, so I'm waiting to see what you make - is that a gentle enough dig in the ribs? lol lol

alissa said...

love the banner!


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