Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sketchy Template Tuesday...

I love working with scrapbook sketches, whether ones I find online, in magazines, or ones I create from layouts I have made. I used to teach journalism and yearbook, and I loooooved making templates and mock layouts! And playing with fonts. Actually, it was my role as yearbook teacher that earned me the "Queen of...." nickname.

My yearbook staff, bless them, had a habit of, ummm, procrastinating just a smidge. Deadlines were always looming, and the pressure to create an outstanding yearbook, on time and within budget, was daunting. I had a group of about a dozen girls. Teenage girls. Girls with boyfriends and basketball practice and Homecoming dances and part-time jobs and daily drama. You know the kind. Julie flirted with Amy's boyfriend after basketball practice and is now going to homecoming so now I have to cover her shift at the movie theater.....

But back to layouts. And deadlines. The girls started to refer to me as the Deadline Nazi. I was fine with that, I guess - I just wanted to make deadline, and I guess I was a little... intense. Hey, I bought them pizza and let them watch Legally Blond while they worked after school. Not so Nazi-ish, says I. Well, I let them have their little joke. But then we acquired an exchange student. From Germany. And I felt a little uncomfortable with "Deadline Nazi." So the girls decide I could be the Deadline Queen.

Much better.

Soon we had a little monarchy. We had the Proofing Princess, the Duchess of Photography... we even had a Font Fairy. And so that is the origin of the "Queen" thing. The nostalgia part came about because I just love old, vintage, nostalgic goodness.

But I digress. My whole point was about making layouts and templates. So I am going to try (note the use of the word try. I have, obviously, a habit of getting sidetracked, so I will endeavor to stick to my new plan. Really!) to share a scrapbook sketch each week. I like the sounds of "Sketch Template Tuesday" so I am thinking look for a new template next Tuesday. And hey! If you make a layout with this template, I would love to see it!


Saucy said...

I am totally down with the idea of templates! Thank you. I can hardly wait for school to be out so I can do some scrapping with Loopy, we are so behind it's not even funny.

Oh and yes, Nazis always paid for the pizza. Those girls!!!

queen-of-nostalgia said...

I swear, I am always behind on scrapping :) Not sure if there is even a thing as "caught up"... You and Loopy have fun! :)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Digress all you want to! I find it very fascinating. To find out how you came by your name is very interesting to me. Your name was one reason I was attracted to your layouts on ebay. Your layout is so very cool and I am excited that you are going to do one every Tuesday! Have a wonderful day! Twyla


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