Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Anyone feel like going to the carnival?

I love carnivals! Especially the small hometown variety. There is something oddly, and terrifyingly, alluring about thrill rides that can be dismantled faster than a fake Christmas tree... I love the food (elephant ears are a personal favorite) the sounds (cranking gears mixed with cheesy organ music, a mingling of screams from the brave souls on the thrill rides) and the sights! The colors, the fanfare, the baubles... Little kids are perched on parent's shoulders, balloons and lights are festooned to every possible surface - I love it!

Carnivals, though, are kind of eerie. The good kind, of course. Darkness falls, the lights become stage lights for the participants of the carnival theatre, and magic abounds. Old couples holding hands, young men tossing baseballs to win stuffed toys, and little ones up waaay past their bedtime make an instant holiday, no matter what day of the month it is.

Check out the TREASURY I created on etsy. Inspired by thrills and wonder, popcorn and sodas, and fortune telling, I made a mosaic of mystery for you to enjoy. So come with me down the fairway and see what the carnival has to offer. Don't worry - there are no clowns at my carnival (they freak the bejezus out of me) just some popcorn, elephants, fabulous rides, and a slightly spooky fortune teller...


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Fun treasury! It is carnival time and you described ours very well except for elephant ears. Ours never has elephant ears:( Twyla

scrappyjan said...

HI Krissy!!!!!!!
miss seeing you.......

I have left you something on my blog this evening... :o)

have a great week! janny


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