Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring has sprung!

I know, a cliche, but it's true. My Korean Spice is sweetening my backyard, the lilacs are looking like they will bloom any second, and the grass is green and lush... I love spring! I was actually outside barefoot the other day, and there is nothing like having bare feet in cool grass, the sun filtering through the branches of a cherry blossom tree to make you feel like a seven-year-old again. Plus I had a fudgesicle in hand, so that helped the nostalgic feeling as well. I think I had about five of those delicious little frozen goodies yesterday.

With Mikey at preschool, I looked for four leaf clovers with his brother Johnny, and then we played circus in the yard. This involved a hula hoop and a variety of balls unearthed from under the deck. Not only was this entertaining (for the neighbors I am sure) but it also tired out the child. Johnny took a three-hour-nap. That's right - THREE hours! I was almost giddy to the point of feeling guilty. Almost.

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