Monday, May 25, 2009

A cup of herbal tea is steaming in front of me, I have my well-worn CD of Mary Chapin Carpenter playing, and my studio desk is clean and waiting for me to start a new project -

"Mama! MOM! MOM MOM MOM MOM! Mikey ruined my PanCakems!"

... and that is the reality. My sweet, sleep deprived daydream is interrupted by my darling (yes, even though he is shrieking about his pancakes, he is still my darling. Really. I swear it!) darling sweetpea Johnny. Substitute the green tea with a mega can of Monster, the CD with the wavering tunes to the latest episode of Dora, and a studio desk full of paper, paints, clays, and a random stack of Legos and art stamps. That is the reality.

We took the boys to the bookstore today. By now our routine is set. I swing through magazines with Johnny and scoop up as many Somerset magazines as I can without actually stopping, then while Daddy chases Mikey to the children's books, Johnny and I head to the cafe. I order a coffee, and he gets his Cream. Yes, I let my child eat a little dixie cup of whipped cream. He is content for five minutes, I get to scan the pages of Somerset, and all is right with the world...

When the cup is empty and the whip cream is effectively all over his nose and chin, we clean up, get a sip of water from the pitcher set on the counter ("I want to do it. I can do it myself, seeee?) then clean the complimentary water stand and pick up the knocked over cups.... we make it back to the Thomas the Train display where Daddy and Brother are playing.

I have the latest copy of Artful Blogging in hand. Yum! Savory pictures, pretty prose, and page upon page of inspiration. I tell myself that I, too, can have an artful blog. And I will. At first intimidated by all those professional looking wwwPublications, I stop and think about how the majority of these blogStars are probably a lot like me.

Covered with sticky kisses.
Dreaming of nap time so I can create.
And itching to get crafty.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

I remember children changing everything and not being able to do anything. One thing I found myself saying for years is 'I used to do that before I had kids.' Well, one morning you wake up and they're not kids anymore and you miss that, too. You are a true artist and you'll always be the Queen to me. Twyla

queen-of-nostalgia said...

Twyla, you are so sweet... I almost teared up at that. I try to keep that in mind, the fact that soon they will be grown up and not want to climb in my lap and put trucks on my head... and I know that will make me sad. So I try to embrace it all. Embrace the crazy, embrace the quiet, embrace each moment :) Thanks so much! You made my day :)


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