Monday, March 29, 2010

Me? A maniac?

I must be, because I decided to, once again, reorganize my entire craft room. And I couldn't just do that, mind you. I decided to not only reorganize it, but also move it back to the second floor from the basement. You may recall that just last August, I moved my space from the second floor guest room to the basement. I had this notion that if I worked in the basement, my children would happily play in the "family" area. I had dreams of my serenely scrapping at my table, the boys happily playing with their toys. I could cut and paint, chit chat with them while they put together puzzles, played dinosaur, sang nursery rhymes and practiced their ABC's...

What really happens is that the plastic dinosaurs liked to knock down my stacked bottles of paint, the only ABC's I saw were my chipboard letters scattered all over the floor, and the only puzzle was why on earth did I think I could leave all of my supplies out on shelves and my two darling terrors would leave them alone?

Silly woman.

So the daunting task began. I decided to revert the basement to a family room, completely kid-friendly. I realized that it was unreasonable for me to get mad at them for touching my pretty things when my pretty things were out, about, and soooo attractive to curious hands. And let's be honest - I wanted to be able to say, "Go play in the basement" and feel safe to let them do so. I wanted them to be able to go play in their area, alone if even for three minutes, without hearing a crash, or worse, hearing nothing in those three minutes, and investigating to see that they were dancing on my craft table and covered in ink.

So. I moved every single bookcase, shelf, table, container back upstairs. Again. More details, and maybe some photos, to come soon. I have about 15 minutes until my Lil Stinkers get off the bus, and I want to get some organizing done...


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, my! I remember when you moved to the basement. I can just picture your desk your dad built for you carefully going back upstairs. He should have put wheels on it! I can't tell you how many times Lindsey and I have moved our 'craft area'. Seems to go with the territory. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

Dee2 said...

I was just thinking of combining my kids playroom with my scraproom. Maybe not. ;)


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