Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chocolate, costumes, and challenges :)

I have had some success in my quest for cute costumes for the twins. I decided to go with altering "real" clothes. This has several advantages. One, I feel fancy doing a "homemade" costume. Two, in Michigan, it has been known to snow on Halloween, and the store bought costumes often get covered in a coat (because I usually would buy the cheapies that were flimsy anway), and three, I justify the cost of buying a few things because parts of the costumes can be worn "for real" after trick or treating. I got some nice heavy black sweatpants for Mikey - after I creatively cut the cuffs into ratty pirate pants, he will be warm and festive at the same time! I found a cute red fringed scarf on sale, which when wrapped around his waist will be a perfect pirate scarf (and I plan on pirating it later - I love red!). Johhny can wear jeans, and his new plaid shirt can be worn long after the sugar buzz has worn off. I plan to hit the dollar store tomorrow for the proper hats to finish the costumes off.

In other news... I have to share my new favorite indulgence. Three words: Nutty Waffle Chocolate. Ice-cream with chocolate covered nuts, pieces of waffle cone, and swirls of decadent fudge. I polished off the carton while watching last night's episode of Glee (could life get any better? I don't think so!), and I have a burning desire to go to the store and get more. This could be dangerous.

Finally, I want to remind all you card makers and other crafty people that the Pixie Cottage Challenge is taking entries until Sunday night, midnight EST. Exciting and new, challenges are posted every-other-Wednesday. You still have time to make your card with this sketch:

I actually created this sketch, and am tickled to see all the great cards that have been made so far! A random winner will get some fabby stamps, and three others get a cutie blog button to show they were a Top Three cardmaker. You have until Sunday night to get this sketch up and loaded to the Pixie Cottage blog, and then the winners, along with the new challenge, will be revealed on Wednesday, October 28. Come play with the Pixies!

Here is the little button for the challenge - feel free to snag it and put on your blog :) Just right click, save, and load.

Hope to see you play, wish me luck in my costume making adventure, and remember - eat lots and lots of ice-cream!


Dee Dee said...

Hope you share pics of the costumes. :)

Ingrid Mida said...

I loved Halloween as a kid but often got into arguments with my mom about whether or not I needed to wear a ski jacket over my costume! Let's hope the weather holds out for your boys. And don't forget to post photos of their costumes.

Miss•Elena•Eous said...

Homemade costumes are always the best... I've never had a store bought :) And that ice cream sounds delicious, like one of my favorites by Ben and Jerry.. I think it's something like "Americone"...


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