Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I would love more time in the day. Actually, I would love more time in the night... when the kiddos are sleeping.

I get my best scrapping done between 1 and 4 am, I think. Of course, there are the nights where I wake up, think about scrapping, and decide I am just too sleepy. But then - I'll remember those new charms I just bought, or that pack of Basic Grey paper that is just sitting there, waiting for me. I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve - I can't sleep knowing there are new pretties under my tree... I mean, on my scraptable :)

While it can be bad for my checking account, shopping, or retail therapy, is one sure way to kick start my mojo. It also motivates me to clean and organize my scraproom. I can't put pretty new paper in a messy area. Plus, it gives me an excuse to sort through all my pretties. Again. As I find manythings I forgot I had, it is kind of like shopping...

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