Friday, September 7, 2007

The Sisterhood of Scrapbooking...

Deliberating on what my very first ever blog entry should be, I was overwhelmed with what to write. Should I describe my obsession with all things scrappy? My latest purchase of Halloween paper? Perhaps I should contemplate the pros and cons of computer journaling versus handwriting? Or maybe I should delve into the curious world of acidity and lignen levels of archival materials (do twigs from trees have acid or lignens? I need to know before I make more broom embellishments for Halloween...) And then it hit me, as I realized it is now almost 1:30 am and I am still awake. I owed this second wind of creativity to the very venti Carmel Mocha I had this evening at the bookstore. And the nice gal who created this caffeine concoction? None other than a sister scrapper!

In addition to my coffee drink, I was also purchasing a scrapbook magazine (and several children's books for my twin toddlers who were dragging my husband around the cafe, yelling "Moon! Moon!" I still don't know why they were fixated on "moon"...) and the cafe worker got a shy smile, and asked me, "Do you scrapbook?"

"Yes!" I replied, "I love scrapbooking! I am infatuated with scrapbooking! It is kind of an obsession, actually," I finished, hoping she didn't change her mind about giving me my caffeine loaded beverage.

"Me, too!" she laughed, and while she steamed milk and whipped cream, we talked papers, crops, best place to get adhesive, and what kind of "transportation" used to carry all our goods around. Within minutes, I made a new scrapping friend who I hoped I would see at the next local crop.

Scrapbookers are some of the nicest people I have met. When I have gone to crops, perfect strangers offer me glue, look in their stash of supplies for paper that might coordinate with my photomats, admire my handiwork, and before I know it, we are flipping through each other's albums, oohing and ahhing at pictures of people we have never met, and maybe never will. Such is the bond of scrapbookers...

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The Scrapbook Exchange said...

Love it, I love to read what you write :)


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