Sunday, August 29, 2010

To market, to market...

No, I am not going to buy a fat pig, but headed to the market I am indeed :)

I have a hard time sleeping the night before market. I am paranoid I will sleep too late (not that my little alarm clock Johnny would let that happen) but I usually have one last apron that needs a pocket, or a box I need to remember to put in the van, or business cards I need to remember to trim and pack, and I need to remember to fill my big ole water jug and put that in the van, too...

So I have been up since about 4am. But I finished that apron, squeezed that box in the back seat next to the antique high chair, and got my set of business cards ready. I still need to put my water in the van, but I want it to be extra chilly, so I will let it stay in the refrigerator as long as possible. It is supposed to be in the 90s today.


Have I ever mentioned I don't do well in the heat? Bluhck. We have had about zero rain the last few weeks, and with the ungodly heat, our yard looks like dry, shredded wheat. But as I will be outdoors today, I would rather not have any rain today.

Fickle, aren't I?

I am taking my camera today, and I hope to be able to show you the apron I had to finish for today. It is limeish green plaid with cranberry trim, and the reverse is cranberry toile. Sounds kind of funky, but I hope once you see it, you think it is as darling as I do! Any excuse to used toile...

I mentioned my antique high chair earlier, and I need to take some pictures of this crazy chair for you. It is a convertible high chair/potty seat/toy-riding-thing. One of the other vendors has been wanting to see it, and I managed to squeeze it in the van. It is one of my favorite estate sale finds, and makes a pretty cute display piece.

Well, the sun seems to be about up, so I am off! Wish me luck, and hope you have a great Sunday!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Aprons, shoes, and liberation!

Are you ready to do the happy dance with me? Are you sure? Ok then - stand up, kick off those shoes, and do a little dance because yours truly has Internet at home again! Yay me! Don't get me wrong - heading to the library with two five-year-old boys in tow is horrifying superfun when trying to check one's email (let alone do something like work on a blog) when all they want to do is play hide-and-seek among the stacks, "help" the librarians by running behind the circulation desk, and rearranging all the books on the carts... what usually happens is we pick out some books, I chase them around the video collection, and I gaze wistfully at the computers, wondering what is happening in BlogLand. 

On the rare occasions I sneak (Snuck? Sneaked? Snookened?) out of the house alone by bribing my husband to watch the kiddos explaining I need to get some work done so I don't go insane, I would head to the library, solo, to plop in front of the computer. But there is a time limit, and I don't get to be in my jammies, and they don't allow drinks in the lab...

I don't know about you, but blogging and wasting time on the computer isn't the same if you can't have your comfies on and a snack and drink nearby. So. Happy and liberated, I am in my comfies, drinking a big ole fat cup of coffee, so happy to be talking to you again! Speaking of snacks...
This "cake" is a confection of paper and ribbon. Each "slice" is a box, perfect for gifties and such. Plus it is just plain cute.

My sporadic posts of late have hinted at my activities at the Farmers' Market. I honestly adore working the market. The other vendors are so sweet, the market goers are so nice and friendly, and there is just this sense of camaraderie and fresh yummy goodness in the air. My newest obsession is aprons, and it is so intriguing to talk to my new market friends about fabric and cooking, quilting and traditions...  I have been also making some cards and other little pretties to sell.  Among them are these little shoes. I had seen these little paper shoes from a template by Ellen Hutson. I tweaked and played, changed and altered, and here are a few of my versions of this little shoe.

Here is "Dolly" all dressed up in this vintage inspired apron.  It has a little quote printed on the pocket, and the skirt just kills me! I love mixing fabric...

I keep playing with apron patterns and styles.  The more I sew, the more I learn, and I have made a few patterns of my own. Talking to other women at the market has been so helpful - getting their input on lengths,and pocket preferences, and color combos...

I have about 6 different apron styles that I am currently working with. I need to start some "fall" color influenced aprons. School is starting soon (gasp!) and soon apple picking and pumpkin carving will be the activities of choice. I am picturing oatmeal colored aprons, with skirts of scarlet and muted greens and deep pumpkin orange...

See how chatty I am? I have missed you dearly, honestly and completely! Now I am going to refill my cup and get some reading done :) I am dying to know what the rest of you have been up to!

Have a lovely day,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

So I have been sewing like a madwoman, and have some super fun aprons that I need to share. If you would like to see them in person, you need to head to Grand Blanc, where I am a vendor at the local Farmer's Market! Each Sunday from 10-3, you can find me and my pretties under the shade of my little white canopy, aprons waving in the breeze... I am also featuring handmade recipe cards, little paper shoes, and other whimsical goodies. Since I am at the library, I haven't figured out how to upload my photos - but I hope to be able to soon.  Here is a link to information to the GB Farmer's Market. It is absolutely wonderful. I remember years ago when it was just starting, and there were a handful of produce stands. Now it has expanded tremendously, and each Sunday feels like a hometown festival. It really is lovely :) Hope to see you downtown!


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