Monday, November 1, 2010

Tricks, treats, and teenagers...

So the boys were dressed like a vampire (Johnny) and a magician (Mikey) and had a lot of fun getting ready for trick-or-treating. Layers of turtle necks and thermal underwear under costumes made them warm, and we only planned to do a quick run through the neighborhood. I think the bunny perched on Mikey's hat was my favorite detail :) So trick-or-treating commenced! We decided to start at the end of the neighborhood where Johnny's bus pal lived, and then work our way back. Unfortunately, we had to pass playground to get there. Mikey decided that he would rather slide than hunt for treats, which would have been fine if it weren't so cold and getting colder by the minute.

So a few quick runs down the slide, and I had to drag a howling magician down the street protesting with every step, bunny flopping on his mad little head. Meanwhile, chants of "I want Mama, I want Mama..." were behind me as Johnny decided only I could hold his hand, not Daddy, and he didn't want to carry his plastic pumpkin after all.

Mikey finally got on board, but instead of yelling trick or treat, he would run inside the house we were visiting, I would chase after him, Johnny would shout, "I'm coming toooooooo!" and Steve would be shaking his head and apologizing to the house owners. In the end, we lost our camera, got two pumpkins full of candy, and made it home in one piece in under 25 minutes. We actually had a fun, albeit interesting, time. Like I told Steve, it wouldn't be Halloween if there weren't some tears, some embarrassment, and a little bit of disaster. Then I realized my camera had fallen out of Steve's jacket somewhere along the way...

He went back out (darkness had fallen) and came home to report he didn't find it, but did interrupt some preteens making out in the neighborhood playground.... They begged him to not tell their parents, and Steve (probably more embarrassed than they were) quickly assured them he was looking for something he lost during trick or treating, no problem, as you were... and beat a fast retreat.

About ten minutes later, two sheepish and red faced kids came to our door. After Steve left (who didn't have time to look around the playground as he was completely  mortified that he interrupted two little lovebirds) they scoured the playground and found my camera and brought it to our house. 

Kids crack me up.

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