Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sketchy Template Tues.....Wednesday?

Now hold on just one cotton-pickin' minute! Is it really Wednesday? I knew I was a little behind with my Tuesday sketch (having been unable to post this morning, I had to do it this afternoon) but seriously didn't know I was an entire day behind.

That's upsetting.

What is it about summer that makes it hard for me to keep track of my days? I still can't fathom that it is July. Sheesh, I still have to be reminded to write "2009" on my checks... Maybe I am befuddled because I caught the ending of "Somewhere in Time" last night. I tried to explain the premise to my husband, about the whole time traveling thing, but I ended up just confusing us both. If you haven't seen this pretty little flick, I recommend it. Quaint and romantic, it was also filmed in the upper peninsula of my home state, Michigan. There's a little bit of trivia for you :)

Well, now that we have established it is Wednesday, not Tuesday, I am still going to post this week's sketch. I was on a real roll, too! Will you all pretend it's Tuesday, that I am not late, and that I was super on the ball?

Yay! I feel much better :)

The ink blot looking thing on the upper right is a stamp/chipboard flourish. Or it could be an ink blot. Whatever makes you happy...
I like this layout for several reasons. One, the paper gets to be the "embellishment". Pick pretty papers, and they will really shine on this layout. Two, the mats are fun because they are so flexible. You can journal on a small mat, or use all four little mats for pics and journal on the big mat. OR, you could have a big ole color photo in the largest mat, and several black and white "variation" type pics in the wallet sized mats. OR, you could have a family photo in the big mat, and each wallet sized mat could be a journaling spot about each member of the family. Of course, if you have more or less than four people, that may not work out, but you could include the family dog or cat! You're smart - you'll figure it out.


The Queen Of Re said...

That is so weird. I was just reading about your mixed up days Tues/Weds. Cracking up because that sounds like me.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

The days just fly by don't they?
I love this sketch. I will definitely make a layout with it!

Are you getting excited or the new releases? I can't wait for CHA!
I want to see new Halloween paper!!


Rosemary said...

Hi there,
Glad you joined my blog.
Nice to meet you.
That is one of my favorite movies.
You must live in a pretty place.
Have a great weekend,


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