Thursday, July 3, 2008

Classes and Barbecues and Babies No More...

First of all, who decided that summer was going to be played on fast forward? Seriously - it is going by way too fast! I feel like I have 12 pots on the stove, they are all boiling over, and 357 guests are about to arrive... and by the time I have everything ready, it is time to clean up after the party.

Speaking of parties, my two little babies turned THREE yesterday. THREE. Does that mean they are officially not "babies" anymore? I guess that the toddler title was actually official at age two, but somehow having my twins turn THREE makes them seem like they are little boys, not babies anymore at all, whose next step is kindergarten, then a driver's license, then college, then marriage...

Not fair. Stay little, darn it!

They will start preschool in the fall, and I too have been contemplating going back to school. As the teacher. In my "past life" I was a high school English teacher for over seven years. Then I had the munchkins, and was lucky to be able to stay home for a few years. Now that the boys are bigger (sniff sniff) I have dusted off my resume and had a few interviews. I have also been taking classes to finish my Master's Degree - just a few more left!

Of course, my favorite class will be the one I am teaching at my local scrapbook store! Mid-July I am going to teach fellow scrappers how to add stitching to their pages. So if you are in Michigan in mid-July, head to Capture-A-Memory and we can scrap and chat! :) I will post a link to the store where I will be teaching.

The boys are still sleeping (all the fun yesterday and they are wiped out) so I need to get scrapping! My design group, BTDL, has a BBQ challenge for July, so if you are an eBayer, look for BTDL in a search to find all our pretties! I am finishing up a layout with the cutest little cow....

Enjoy the holiday weekend, and if someone finds that remote control - would you please hit "pause"? I need to catch my breath :)


Camille said...

Time is flying isn't it! I'm thinking of going back to school myself. Nursing is calling.. Of course if I actually do it, it won't be till next fall when my youngest starts school. If you find a way to slow things down.. do tell!

Can't wait to see the BTDL listings. You gals all do such great work.

queen-of-nostalgia said...

Thank you Cam! I want to just keep on scrapping and making pretties :) but we shall see :)

Scrapmymemories said...

Sorry Hunny I don't have the remote nor do I know ehere it's hidden!
My youngest is turning two in September and it's not fair I am so done (most days) But I dont want her to NOT be my precious baby anymore!


Oh and a very well done for getting classes! I would love to do that in a store! I am too remote now though!!!


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