Monday, April 28, 2008

Princesses and fairies and dolls, oh my!

Being a mama to two lovely boys, I don't get to scrapbook many pink and girly layouts :) Designing with BTDL (Better Than Doing Laundry) and selling my work on EBay and BTDLDesigns has become my outlet for all things pink and pretty! And a nice venue for using all my lace and pretty trims....

Lately I can't seem to make a boyish layout! I have been dreaming in pink and eyelet lace, tiaras and tutus... I don't think I would even know what to do with a piece of blue paper right now.

Perhaps it is the Spring weather Mother Nature has been teasing us with. The grass is greening, the dogwood tree just started to bloom, and my magnolia tree is full of waxy pink petals. Soon my backyard retreat will smell like heaven with lilac and Korean Spice competing with each other, vying for loveliest scented plant.

It is this environment of sweetly scented air and lush green plants that makes me believe a fairy or two could be hiding in the hydrangeas, or playing hide and seek in the roses. After a long winter of frosty windowpanes and austere landscapes of snow and ice, even a weed or two are welcome...

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Scrapmymemories said...

I love that you make lots of fairies, princesses & doll layouts! And you do them SOOOO well!
I loved the Dragon layout you listed a while back!
I am welcoming spring this year with open arms! What a horrid winter we had!


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