Friday, April 16, 2010

Ignore the Dust...

In my effort to procrastinate doing the laundry, I am fiddling with my blog. Playing with graphics, adjusting widths.... Irritating I know, but I realllly don't want to do the laundry. Or do the dishes. Or scoop the cat litter.

So be prepared for a prettier blog, coming soon to a computer near you :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I am pretty sure that aprons are the funnest thing ever! My inner "English teacher" cringes, but the sentiment is true. I have been sewing up a storm, which is funny because when I initially purchased my sewing machine, it was to stitch on paper, not fabric. Now I find myself making hems, adding ruffles, and making linings! Who knew?

I think my latest apron looks kind of "scrapbooky" even though I am working with fabric, and not paper. Piecing fabric is a lot like paper piecing. I love digging through my stash to find bits of green toile for trees, sprigged ivy fabric for rolling hills... Of course, this now means I will go broke buying not only scrapbook paper but fabric too :( New obsessions can get pricey... I also like to check out the antique shops and estate sales to find lovely bits of embroidery, handmade lace - now that Spring is here, I can't wait for auction season! Yay!

I have a few pretties listed on Etsy, and have had some nice emails suggesting I submit some of my aprons to Apronology. Have you seen this fabulous publication? Somerset has a magazine for just about every creative obsession out there :)


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