Friday, July 19, 2013

Oh my... where has the time gone? Since I last posted, I started working in the classroom again, teaching English to my lovely students here in Michigan! My sweet twin boys are now EIGHT years old, and getting bigger by the minute.

In between grading papers and attending conferences, playing pirate and stacking dominoes, I still manage to find time to do some crafting and sewing. I have also discovered Pinterest, which has become an obsession. A good obsession :)

In addition to aprons, I am now making lovely little ruffled tote bags and message centers... canvas signs and painted mason jars.... a little bit of everything :)

Here are a few pictures of my most recent work; you can find me at the Grand Blanc Farmers Market every Sunday from 10am-3pm.

These are two message boards I made. The one on the left is magnetic on the top, with a fabric covered corkboard bottom. There are also two little hooks drilled into the bottom to hang keys and other must-not-lose items :) The bulletin board on the right is simply a shabby chic frame that I painted and distressed, and it holds a lovely fabric covered corkboard to pin up your pretties!

 Canvas signs are my new favorite decor!  I love the movie "Practical Magic" and this quote is one of my favorites :) Next to it is a large chalkboard that I created. I love chalkboards...

 This is a glimpse of my booth at the Market. I call this apron "Pink Lemonade" and the combination of yellow and pinks remains one of my favorites!

Aprons fluttering in the breeze... I love summer!

A sneak peek at my latest obsession... canvas market bags! Come see me on Sunday to see more :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Queen's Guide to the Fabulous Tea Party...

"I'm late, I'm late! I'm very, very late!"

Poor Rabbit. It is his first time hosting a party. He was invited to create his own soiree by the lovely Vanessa at a Fanciful Twist, and now he is worried if he can pull off a fabulous tea party. I decided to create a "How To" list for this handsome hare, and he was so delighted, he asked me to share :) Obviously delicious treats and tasty tea are a must (and perhaps some Flamingo Croquet) but some other things to consider...

The Invitation List

Since conversation is just as important as to what tea to brew, it is crucial to invite interesting people who not only are witty, but can wear party hats with panache...
These gals know how not only how to rock their powdered wigs, but how to sip their tea without mussing their ruffles...

The Ambiance
Please note I did not say "decorations." One must create an ambiance, an atmosphere, a magical place that transports the party goers to a realm of wonder. Indoor or outdoor, you must find the perfect nooks to tuck in unexpected lovelies, and they should include flowers, fancy china, and linens...

Party Favors
Without pretty little gifties, your party may feel more like a simple snack time. Homemade favors are best, the more unusual and eclectic the better...
This is a paper teapot I created a few years ago - perfect for place settings!


One must throw themselves into her attire with reckless abandon. Large hats, layers of lace, and of course, as hostess, a fabulous apron...

And there you have it! Some simple guidelines to help you created a lovely tea party that will keep the party goers talking for months! So get your tea cozy ready, cut some flowers, and tie on that apron - and go visit the other party hostesses today!

All vintage photographs are from my collection of adopted ancestors. The Alice in Wonderland illustrations are from the Library of Congress. The watermarked images are of my creations and other pretties (such as the apron and stack of linens), and the fabulous photos of flowers and such are from

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Place for Everything...

So busy lately! Is it just me, or does it seems like that the nicer the weather gets, the faster the days go? I know there are more "daylight" hours, yet it seems like I am still running out of time. Of course, the nicer weather means I am outside more, playing in the sun with the boys, helping them plant a vegetable garden, and trying to soak in some sunshine.

Before the nice weather arrived, I did spend some time cleaning my studio. I organized and prettified.

 I have a large shelf by the window, and I like to keep flowers and ribbons at hand. I use a lot of bowls, boxes, and jars so I can see my supplies. If I can't see it, I forget I have it - so I like to keep my pretties visible...

My best storage solution for ribbon: mug racks. I got several of these vintage looking, white chippy racks and then hung them vertically, and the rolls of ribbon fit perfectly! Not only are they pretty, they are easy to access.

Storing supplies is one thing - crafting a creative ambiance is another.  I like to tuck in unexpected notions with my supplies for little bits of unexpected inspiration. Antique photos and orphaned pages from a vintage book are nestled in a box of tea-stained ribbon...

I adore polkadots - so I need to keep my dotted ribbons handy! A fancy dowel is the perfect home to rolls of ribbon. The paper flowers I made are a nice nest, and I had these fabulous old Bingo cards which needed a place to stay...

A love of words and letters. Old printer trays are ideal for storing chipboard letters. One tray is for plain letters, the other for decorated letters.

All little bits are kept in little jelly jars and little tin cups. Easy to see, easy to use. Buttons, bottlecaps, hatpins, and more...I put the jars on an old cookie sheet, so I can just lift the entire tray up to my work table if I need to.

Of course, that was a while ago, and it doesn't look nearly so tidy anymore. I am a messy crafter. When I work, I like to spread everything out, and right now my crafting table is covered in scraps of paper, bits of fabric, and a few half-finished projects.

However, seeing how nice it can be in there inspires me to clean.

The next rainy day.

I promise...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fun with Dick and Jane...

If you are a follower of my blog, you know I just adore vintage goodness! So when I saw this fabric a few years ago, I just had to have it.  Now bear in mind, I wasn't even sewing then. I was strictly a paper girl working on scrapbook pages and paperbag albums. And while I would incorporate the occasional swatch of fabric or strip of lace into a paper crafted goodie, I never bought yardage of anything :)

So it sat in my stash of goodies,

Until last week! I was digging in my stash, and found my lovely "Dick and Jane" fabric. Perfect for my newest obsession - Pillows.

It measures 12x12, and has an envelope enclosure in the back so it is easy to clean. I have it listed at Artfire, and I think would be a super cute Mother's Day giftie :)

Here are a few more that I have created...

Have a fabulous Thursday! I have fabric scraps all over the house, so I seriously need to get cleaning...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Well, hey there!

 You would think I was a bear. I feel like I have been hibernating since Thanksgiving... only I think bears emerge all skinny and cranky. I think I have gained a few - but at least I am a happy bear! So what have I been up to? Sewing, reading to the boys, crafting, playing pirate, baking pies, and planning for spring!

Johnny and I made another PIE - he loves the show Word World, where "words come alive," and one of his favorite episodes is where Pig makes a PIE. The letters come together and form an actual pie... so we made one too! It was a raspberry and strawberry pie, and it was delicious...

I also have been playing with some of my stashed vintage texts. I used pages from a 1916 children's magazine and covered chipboard letters. Perfect for titles for scrapbook pages and other altered art. I am also working on some little chipboard houses using the advertisements from the magazine. I love the timeworn patina from these pages, and the charming ads and stories! Apparently my cat, Bastet, does too...

 I have had this obsession with wanting to grow veggies in my backyard, but in containers because we are at the bottom of a hill in a subdivision where all our neighbors use chemicals on their lawns. So I tore out some plants (sorry hubby...) with the grand vision of making raised gardening beds. Well, Sunday we had temperatures in the upper 70s/low 80s, and the boys were out with daddy while Mama made lunch. Daddy, being the awesomely fun dad that he is, let them play with the hose.  I came out for our sunny picnic lunch loaded down with sandwiches, and saw my little darling piggies - I mean boys - covered in mud.

They were so proud of their mud hole. So pleased at the knee deep sludge they had created...

 Good thing they're cute.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Festive Friday

If you are in the Flint area this weekend, you need to come check out the Festive Friday event! Get your holiday shopping done early, and have fun at the same time!  I'll be there with my aprons, handmade stockings, and other pretties :) If you have any questions, drop me a line at..

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tricks, treats, and teenagers...

So the boys were dressed like a vampire (Johnny) and a magician (Mikey) and had a lot of fun getting ready for trick-or-treating. Layers of turtle necks and thermal underwear under costumes made them warm, and we only planned to do a quick run through the neighborhood. I think the bunny perched on Mikey's hat was my favorite detail :) So trick-or-treating commenced! We decided to start at the end of the neighborhood where Johnny's bus pal lived, and then work our way back. Unfortunately, we had to pass playground to get there. Mikey decided that he would rather slide than hunt for treats, which would have been fine if it weren't so cold and getting colder by the minute.

So a few quick runs down the slide, and I had to drag a howling magician down the street protesting with every step, bunny flopping on his mad little head. Meanwhile, chants of "I want Mama, I want Mama..." were behind me as Johnny decided only I could hold his hand, not Daddy, and he didn't want to carry his plastic pumpkin after all.

Mikey finally got on board, but instead of yelling trick or treat, he would run inside the house we were visiting, I would chase after him, Johnny would shout, "I'm coming toooooooo!" and Steve would be shaking his head and apologizing to the house owners. In the end, we lost our camera, got two pumpkins full of candy, and made it home in one piece in under 25 minutes. We actually had a fun, albeit interesting, time. Like I told Steve, it wouldn't be Halloween if there weren't some tears, some embarrassment, and a little bit of disaster. Then I realized my camera had fallen out of Steve's jacket somewhere along the way...

He went back out (darkness had fallen) and came home to report he didn't find it, but did interrupt some preteens making out in the neighborhood playground.... They begged him to not tell their parents, and Steve (probably more embarrassed than they were) quickly assured them he was looking for something he lost during trick or treating, no problem, as you were... and beat a fast retreat.

About ten minutes later, two sheepish and red faced kids came to our door. After Steve left (who didn't have time to look around the playground as he was completely  mortified that he interrupted two little lovebirds) they scoured the playground and found my camera and brought it to our house. 

Kids crack me up.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Winners! Halloween party fun :)

I don't know about you, but I am tired from a weekend of partying with the ghosts and goblins, witches and gypsies this weekend! So much fun! Magical as always :)

This was my second year having a party, which was planned and hosted by Vanessa at a Fanciful Twist.  Like last year's party, I am having a little giftie giveaway! So I did the random drawing thingie, and here are my winners!

This is Kelly, who also had a darling party on Saturday :) 

And this is Vanessa, our hostess! I am so glad the hostess gets one of my treats, as she inspires such lovely parties :) The hostess most definitely deserves a surprise :)

And just what are these lovely ladies  going to receive? A witch hat, of course! I made two special hats, and will share pictures of them before I ship them off :)

Congratulations, ladies - and thanks to all the lovelies that visited my party this year! I can't wait until next year's festivities!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Halloween Party... Pumpkin Style.

Three little pumpkins were sitting on a gate...

And as it so often happens with pumpkins, they were arguing. Because today, of course, is the Halloween Party, hosted by A Fanciful Twist, and none of them could find their invitation. Or the directions.

"I'm telling you, I remember distinctly that the party is in the old house next to the pumpkin patch!" insisted the oldest, and with a naughty smile added, "You know. The haunted pumpkin patch."

The littlest pumpkin tried not to be afraid, but this was his first party, after all...
So the three little pumpkins began their journey. Soon they came to a lovely little forest, and met a little cat. Perhaps he might know the way?

"Excuse me. Hello? Hellllloooo...?" The oldest pumpkin gave the kitty a little tap on the head. "Most unresponsive, this one. Let's move on." And so they rolled further on, hoping to find someone who could tell them where this magical party was being held.

"Hark! Here looks like someone who could help us! He looks familiar... Uncle Jasper?"

But upon closer inspection, it was not Uncle Jasper, and he most definitely did not know the way to the party.

The littlest pumpkin shivered as he passed this tall and silent spectre,,,,

"Aha!" cried the eldest. "See? I knew we were on the right track!
They all breathed a sigh of relief, and soon saw the house. But it was unlike any house any of them had ever seen before...
"Um, brothers?" asked the littlest pumpkin. "Perhaps we should just head home..."
"You aren't afraid, are you?" teased the oldest pumpkin.
"Maybe just a little."
"It will be fine. We'll have a great time! Besides, I am the bravest pumpkin of all time, and nothing scares me. I will make sure that nothing scary gets you, no matter how big and scary it is."
Somehow that didn't reassure the littlest pumpkin.

They went to the front door, and a voice called from inside, "Come on in! You can put your hats on the shelf there. We're in the kitchen!"


And sure enough, there was stack of hats in the foyer. Witch hats.

"Um, brothers?"
"Not now, littlest pumpkin. Let's go!"

As they headed towards the kitchen, the littlest pumpkin widened his eyes as he took in every detail of this strange and fascinating house. He took a closer look at the portraits on the walls.

There seemed to be a trend here.
"Um, brothers?"
"Not now, little pumpkin!"

And so they made their way to the kitchen, where it looked like the party preparations were still taking place... Bowls of flowers...

And piles of pumpkins...

And jars of poisons...


Before little pumpkin could say a word, he heard a clunk and a clatter from the counter.
"Murder! Mischief! Mayhem!" the oldest pumpkin was shouting...

And without another word, the brave oldest pumpkin rolled out the door, hollering as loud as he could.

A cackle of laughter filled the kitchen, and the two remaining brother pumpkins looked up in fear...

"Fear not, my little pretties! We are making apple pies today. Not pumpkin. If your silly brother had stayed, he too could have a nice warm slice of pie. Do you want a scoop of icecream on your pie?"

They did.

And so the rest of the afternoon, the two little pumpkins ate pie, danced to merry tunes, and played parlor games with some very charming, and very kind, witches.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a hauntingly good time :) Please leave a comment! I will be doing a random draw Monday morning (October 18) from the comments for a delightful prize!

Credits: In addition to my original artwork, photographs of house and empty rooms are from Amas Veritas and have been modified, spookized, and hauntified :) The black portrait frames originated from ShabbyBlogs,, and the delightful pie image is from Yesmeals.


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